Wisconsin parents in cage match at youth wrestling tournament

A funny thing happened at a wrestling tournament for little kids in Kimberly earlier this month: some wrestling broke out.

It wasn’t the kids. It was the parents, the local police department said.

It happened when a parent thought one of the little tykes wrestling was getting too much of a breather, and it escalated until the parents became the wrestlers, according to the police statement.

Deadspin describes the background leading up to the fight:

Nicole Volkman, the brown-haired woman, was accused of trying to punch Cassandra Hamill, the blonde woman, at a previous tournament.

The argument escalated to a brawl because “the Volkman’s sons kept slamming the Hamill’s sons during the matches.” Witnesses also told the cops that the Volkmans called Hamill “a fat b****h” and her son “a f******g crybaby.”

… which is just Wisconsin-speak for “how’s it going?”

Cassandra Hamill, Nicole Volkman, and Shannon Volkman received municipal citations for disorderly conduct.