School trap-shooting team photo banned from yearbook

[This post has been updated to reflect administration action ]

The Big Lake school board will meet tonight and they most certainly will remove a roadblock preventing the Big Lake High School’s trap shooting team photo from appearing in the yearbook. This, of course, assumes there’s a shred of common sense in Big Lake.

KSTP reports that a school policy preventing guns from being shown in the yearbook is barring the team photo. A trap shooting team uses guns.

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Parents have pushed for years to get the team photos published in the yearbook, the station says.

“It is a school-sanctioned activity,” Derek Birdsall, the parent of a team member said. “It’s not like the kids are doing anything with it. They are literally just holding a gun.”

The chair of the school board says he wants an exception made to the policy.

[Update 1:43 p.m.] The photo has been approved for the yearbook, WCCO reports.