Jeremy Richman tried to survive his daughter’s killing in a mass shooting. He couldn’t

In many ways, the debate over guns ended in 2012 when the nation went on about its business and changed pretty much nothing after little kids and their teachers were slaughtered in Newtown, Conn.

That must have been particularly difficult for people like Jeremy Richman, who hasn’t been able to take any positives out of the effort to make his 6-year-old daughter’s death result in some change so that others wouldn’t suffer the same fate.

How do you survive the death of a 6-year-old daughter?

You don’t.

Jeremy has killed himself. The third suicide in a week of survivors of mass shootings.

“They were dedicated to … educating the world community about brain health and how they hope that science would be able to help turn the corner in getting an understanding of what makes people do terrible things, so that it could be dealt with or treated before that situation within the individual manifested into action,” his friend, John Voket, tells WBUR’s Here & Now.

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