What is TV without the trolls in the audience?

The sad part about today’s Facebook posting from Fox 9 morning news host Alix Kendall is that it’s not even the most horrific example this week of the kind of venom spewed toward TV anchors in this town.


No, the worst was a comment on KARE 11’s welcome back of anchor Tim McNiff, in which a commenter said “Now all we need is for (co-anchor) Kim Insley to die.” It’s been deleted, of course.


Kendall posted a thank you to supporters this morning.

It makes me wonder, why do some focus on what we wear, our hair, waistline, or age? Did they hear any of the day’s news? Useful information to start your day? Your positivity always brings me up.

Don’t worry. I have thick skin, but not everybody does, so I will continue to stand up for those who don’t, in a business that can be tough on women. I’ve got your back…ladies!

Most people in the business say they have a “thick skin,” but even so, no human wants to be exposed to viewer venom.

And, of course, neither do the senders of the hate mail and messages, which is why they never include a return address or add a name or signature.

If they did, we could organize a fine collection of local TV (and radio) talent to stand outside their cubicle and remind them during their work day how terrible they are at what they do.

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