Ain’t got time to seethe: Ventura, Fox News, pot, ‘American Sniper’

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura and Fox News host Jesse Watters are essentially in the same business: show business.

So it’s not surprising that the two together is a combustible experience as was the case when when Watters ostensibly was interested in Ventura’s views on marijuana legalization.

The reality is nobody cares anymore. Ventura has been a proponent of legalized marijuana for years and there’s nothing really new here.

But Watters wasn’t really interested in marijuana, he was waiting to sucker punch Ventura on something he likely knew would set the ex-governor off: his defamation suit against the estate of “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle, who claimed in a book to have punched out Ventura in a bar fight.

Veteran Minnesota political fans have seen this before: Soften up Ventura with some softballs — the ex-governor admitted he didn’t smoke any pot while he was governor — and then light the fuse.

“Were you high when you sued Chris Kyle’s widow?” Watters asked.

Lift off.