Boat vs. St. Croix Lift Bridge

We’re not at all proud of the fact that we take a certain satisfaction that in the battle between the Stillwater Lift Bridge and pretty nice boat on the St. Croix River last Friday evening, the bridge won. Why is that?

The Pioneer Press’ Mary Divine captured the post-fight details when a boater tried to beat the lowering bridge.

Let’s think about this for a moment. It’s a beautiful evening on the St. Croix. It’s the beginning of a gorgeous weekend. Life is good. Why the rush?

The boater, one of four aboard, had just left the marina at Oak Park Heights, heading back home to Marine on St. Croix.

As the bridge operator started lowering the bridge, he noticed the boat wasn’t intending to stop.

“He ran back to the pilot house and hit the stop button, St. Croix County Sheriff Capt. Jeff Klatt said. “As the bridge slowed to a stop, he heard a crunch.”

That’s the sound of an insurance rate increase.