Clueless jerks trash campsite in Boundary Waters

You need to follow one of two simple rules when camping in the Boundary Waters: “Leave no trace,” or “Leave your campsite better than you found it.”

Some knuckleheads just showed us how to do the opposite of the right thing.

Now we have a video of an otherwise gorgeous site left in shambles with a kind of destruction unique to humans.

It was taken by someone who goes by Tuscarora Borealis on the internet. They published the footage and a forum post on on Sunday.

“As my screen name indicates, Tuscarora Lake holds a special place in my heart,” Borealis writes. “So, it sickens me to inform of the discovery (on a very recent trip) of a trashed campsite on that beautiful lake.”

Tuscarora Borealis says they’ve notified the Forest Service.