Victims of anti-Semitic graffiti won’t cover it up

It’s a completely understandable desire to cover up or remove the racist or anti-Semitic graffiti that has surged since last year’s presidential campaign. Who could blame any homeowner from wanting it gone?

But maybe Shoshana and Ari Simones of Phoenix are onto something. They were on vacation when someone spray-painted a swastika and the word “Jew” outside their home. Their neighbor covered it with paper but when they got home, the couple took it down and let everyone see what we’re becoming.

“We’re not going to let this frighten us. I think for my husband it’s more standing up, not hiding who are,” Shoshana tells the Arizona Republic.

“I mean, we’re angry and offended and disheartened, but we’re not scared and we’re not ashamed and we’re proud to be Jews.”

Neighbors have offered to paint over the graffiti and the couple says they may get rid of the swastika. But “Jew“? Why not leave that up and maybe add “proud” to it?

“We’re not gonna be afraid, we’re not gonna back down, and it’s important people still feel comfortable and proud being who they are whatever religion or minority they are,” Shoshana said.