Here’s why Erik Paulsen wasn’t at Islamic Center solidarity rally

Erik Paulsen, the Third District congressman who represents the area including the Islamic Center, bombed on Saturday, tweeted his solidarity with members of the community.

Paulsen’s photo, obviously, included a shot of the crowd at a rally last night to show support. Several area politicians and congresspeople showed up to lend the weight of their office.

Paulsen wasn’t one of them, however.

Does the tweet suggest otherwise?

During the congressional recess, Paulsen is on vacation with his family but has been in contact with the Islamic Center. He plans to visit the Dar Al-Farooq Center when he returns next week.

The image was actually taken by his district director, John-Paul Yates, who tweeted during the event.

Two hours later, Paulsen’s tweet appeared.

Yates’ tweet sparked a few Twitter replies asking where the congressman was.

So did Paulsen’s tweet.

In July, Paulsen took heat from his opponents for not showing up at the Edina Fourth of July parade, shortly after the House of Representatives vote on repealing the Obama health care law. Parade organizers at the time said he was attending a family reunion.