Movie theater chain takes idea from a hater

“Alamo Drafthouse, will there be a male-only screening for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ or a special screening for ‘IT’ that’s only for those who identify as clowns?”

That’s what Facebook user Ryan Reader wrote to Alamo Drafthouse when it announced a women-only screening of “Wonder Woman” last spring. Some commenters tried ruining the fun online, posting comments critical of the movie theater chain and suggesting it was violating sex discrimination laws.

Alamo’s ever-clever marketing team replied to many of the comments, including Reader’s: “We might actually have to steal that clown idea. Thanks Ryan!”

And they did. On Sept. 9 at the chain’s Austin location, Alamo is planning to host a clown-only screening of “It,” the upcoming movie based on Stephen King’s classic thriller, Polygon reports.

Here are the rules, from Alamo’s website:

For this special Clown screening of IT, all attendees should arrive dressed as a clown in order to attend. Please arrive early and join us in the Barrel O’ Fun beginning at 5:30 p.m. for an IT pre-party where we will have face-painters available for clown “touch-ups,” a photo booth, raffles for prizes, and other terrifying merriment. Please arrive in your own Pennywise best and be ready to float with us.

Here’s a trailer for the film:

h/t Will Lager