Newspaper carrier retires at 91

Bernetta Kouba is hanging it up as a newspaper carrier. She can’t see well anymore and her health isn’t much to write home about.

That’s the way things go when you’re 91.

Yesterday was her last day tossing bird-cage liners, the Winona Daily News writes today.

“I took the job because it was easy, and because it got me up and walking in the morning,” she said. “It was good physical therapy, and it was something I could do for other people.”

She never missed a day of work delivering around her apartment building, although she only had a dozen or so papers to deliver. She guided her walker with one hand, an armload of papers in the other.

Did we mention she’s 91?

In five years, she never had a delivery complaint, even though she’s had a stroke and glaucoma during her tenure.

She hasn’t been able to read a newspaper in years.

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