Report: Minnesota 2nd worst state for racial inequality

This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone paying attention, but Minnesota has serious racial inequality issues.

A new study by the finance and business news publication 24/7 Wall St. just underscores the problem.

To see the most glaring disparity, look at the prison system.

“The differences in imprisonment might be the most shockingly unequal outcome of ongoing race-related disparities in the United States,” writes Michael Sauter in his analysis for the report.

For every 100,000 Minnesotans, there were 111 white people incarcerated and 1,219 black people, according to the report.

Other highlights:

• Median household income for black families was $30,306. For whites, it’s $66,979.

• White unemployment rate is 3 percent. For black people, it’s almost three times that.

• The home ownership for black people is 21.7 percent. For whites, it’s 76 percent.

The only state doing worse than us: Wisconsin. Rounding out the top five were Iowa, South Dakota and Illinois.