Tourist boats set adrift in Duluth

That was some fun a person had overnight when they invested time and energy and risked their freedom in order to set two tourist and event boats adrift in Superior Bay.

So what if it’s Justin Steinbach’s livelihood, eh, kid?

“Somebody came between midnight and 2 a.m. and untied our boats,” Steinbach tells the Duluth News Tribune.

It’s not as if they could just cut a rope and give the boat a push, he notes in this video. They had to put in a lot of work.

“Only if somebody knew our operation would you know how to untie the boats the way they did,” said Steinbach, although he couldn’t think of any present or former employees who’d be disgruntled enough to try such a thing.

A surveillance video suggested it was the work of just one person.

[Update 9/22] Police ID Vista suspect after releasing video (Duluth News Tribune)