What’s up, Minnesota motorcycle-riding panda?

OK, we’ll bite, mysterious motorcycle rider dressed up like a panda. Why are you dressed up like a panda?

The Minnesota State Patrol on Tuesday provided the answer on its Facebook page. He — was there really ever any doubt it was a he? — wanted to go viral.

A concerned motorist called 911 to report this rider on Highway 101 earlier this summer. Rightfully so, they were concerned about the person’s vision being obstructed and worried because the rider was weaving through traffic and riding no-handed. The bike exited the freeway before a trooper could locate it.

Fast forward to Aug. 31. Dispatchers observed the same rider on traffic cameras on I-394. Troopers were able to pull over the driver, who wanted his riding videos to go “viral.” The driver was cited for reckless driving and the panda head was confiscated.

Halloween’s not for more than a month. And even if Halloween was today, this would not be OK — or legal, in case you were wondering. Riders: Make sure you can see and be seen. A panda head will not protect you in a crash like a DOT-approved helmet would.

No, but it’s still better than what a lot of Minnesota motorcycle riders wear.

Also, kid, if you want to go viral, it helps being an actual panda.

(h/t: Paul Tosto)