A journalist with a point of view? That’s a good thing

One of the reasons we’re big fans of KARE 11’s Jana Shortal is she’s one of the few journalists in Minnesota who proves — and is allowed to prove — that being transparent about what she thinks about news issues doesn’t interfere with her job as a journalist.

On the contrary, actually. Shortal, and her “Breaking the News” program, enhances the perspectives that the news audience is allowed to see.

Last evening, for example, Shortal invited a viewer who disagreed with her position on the NFL players protest for racial equity to talk about their differences.

To talk about their differences. Respectfully. Stunning, really.

If the notion of talking with each other — listening to each other — catches on, and if we move beyond the civil war mentality that’s paralyzing the nation, one might suggest that a journalist with a point of view is one reason why.

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