High school production of ‘Legally Blonde’ challenged in Cloquet

Is “Legally Blonde” too hot for the people of Cloquet, Minn.?

It is a popular modern high school musical, the Pine Journal says. But some adults think the play, documenting the transition of a sorority girl who follows her boyfriend to Harvard Law School and then becomes a lawyer after overcoming stereotypes and scandals, offers “mature themes” not suitable for a younger audience.

The play is supposed to open in mid-November at Cloquet Senior High School.

A parent group has gone over the script line by line but the musical’s director has yet to see the list of recommended changes.

“My team and I are very eager to start working closely with the parent group and to move forward with the show and allow our extremely talented kids to put on a show that they’re proud of,” principal Wayne Peterson Landon Hall, the director of the production, tells the paper. “We are positive that this show and its message will be one that the community will love.”

Not clear, however, is what exactly “the community” is afraid of, though at one point in Amanda Brown’s novel, a professor makes sexual advances toward the main character, Elle. And the murder trial in the play swings on the revelation that a key witness is gay.

(h/t: Tom Weber)