‘Exclusive’ interview with Franken accuser fails to deliver

Since last evening, the local ABC affiliate in the Twin Cities has hyped a Good Morning America exclusive interview with Lindsay Menz, the woman who claims Sen. Al Franken groped her while posing for a picture together at the Minnesota State Fair.

Behold! The inflated marketing of TV sweeps month!

The exclusive interview contained about 10 seconds of an interview with Menz and the story that was produced was mostly non-Franken related.

The interview contained nothing that CNN didn’t first report on Monday, relying on “B-roll” video and already-reported information on several sexual harassment stories involving politicians.

It’s hard to believe a reporter would go to the bother of setting up a TV interview, and then not get any newsworthy answers to questions that her allegations have raised.

A Good Morning America spokesperson has not yet responded to questions regarding the conditions Menz may have established for today’s interview.