Here’s a helping of Bill Murray

As promised, the Facebook series from comedians Bill Murray and his brother, Brian-Doyle Murray’s dropped this week. They spent three months last season touring minor league ballparks.

First stop: Martha’s Vineyard.

There are worse ways to start the day.

S1:E1 Get ’Em: Martha’s Vineyard Sharks, Part 1

Bill and Brian kick off their adventure with the Martha's Vineyard Sharks. Bill gets his hands dirty and involves himself in a bit of mischief while Brian gives advice to the players.

Posted by Bill Murray & Brian Doyle-Murray’s Extra Innings on Sunday, November 19, 2017

Today’s NewsCut is a Bill Murray doubleheader.

He was among those honoring David Letterman at the ceremony for the Mark Twain Prize for Humor broadcast last night.

Murray dressed as Henry VIII declared, “When you are anointed you rise above all your fellow men and women. Hello down there.” He won the prize last year.

“You will be able to do so many things as a Twain—we just call ourselves the Twain,” he told Letterman of the prize. “You will be able to take a burning cigar from a man’s mouth and finish it. You’ll be able to board any river boat. You will be the highest of the high. This suit is going to be waiting for you backstage. You’re not exactly a god, but you’re way up there.“

Al Franken’s segment was largely cut out of the broadcast.