In poll on sexual harassment, areas of agreement for GOP and Dems

Today’s Quinnipiac Poll on public attitudes toward sexual harassment is fascinating because of the point where Republicans and Democrats depart a similar path.

There are similarities, however. Forty percent of Democrats and 32 percent of Republicans say they’ve experienced sexual harassment, for example. In both cases, they experienced it in the workplace. They both know other people who’ve sexually harassed someone (26 percent GOP; 32% Democratic) and they both agree sexual harassment of women is a serious problem, sexual harassment of men is less prevalent.

And the two sides are in complete agreement on whether it’s more likely now that sexual harassers are held accountable.

That pretty much concludes the portion of the poll where Democrats and Republicans agree.

Democrats are more likely (65% to 48%) to say people have a better understanding of the problem now, although an equal percentage of women and men say they do.

But far more Republicans than Democrats are less likely to believe an accuser now than they were a year ago.

And Republicans say they more willing to consider voting for a politician accused of sexual harassment than Democrats are.

Eighty-eight percent of Democrats and 28 percent of Republicans say President Trump should be impeached if it’s proven he sexually harassed women. But that’s not surprising since it’s a given the entire issue is not immune from the selective morality of political partisans.

Despite that, and although President Trump endorsed Roy Moore for the Senate yesterday, a significant number of Republicans — about a third — said Moore should be expelled from the Senate if he’s elected .