In Moorhead, an ice storm is an opportunity

Let’s pause to observe the half-full nature of an ice storm in Minnesota in December.

That’s Zach Doerring, a senior at Concordia College in Moorhead who didn’t let a little ice slow him down on Wednesday.

Says the Fargo Forum:

Doerring was headed to the library Wednesday morning to study for finals, but his car was blocked in the driveway by one of his roommates, Dalton Mills. Doerring went inside to get Mills to move his car. That’s when the conversation started about how icy it was from overnight freezing rain.

“This ice is better than our rink’s ice. We can skate on this. Do we have any skates here?” said Doerring, quoting Mills.

“I was like ‘Yeah, I’ve got my old pair in the garage,’” Doerring added.

That’s when Mills filmed Doerring skating on the ice-coated driveway and road. Doerring said it took two takes before he posted the video to his Twitter account. The 6-foot-5, 205-pound forward said “Shoot, I’m late” in the video before he skated down the driveway with a textbook in hand and turned left onto the street.

Doerring, who plays hockey for Concordia, says he didn’t test the ice before heading out of his driveway.

“That was the first thing my dad (Kaj) said when I sent it to him,” Doerring said. “You could have hit a patch of concrete and ended your season.”

That’s so “Dad”.