Just another day in International Falls

Everything’s cool in International Falls, Minn., The Guardian reports today, having investigated how the “nation’s icebox” is surviving the freshening breeze.

Just fine, thank you.

No staying home up there. Things were perking along normally at the coffee shop — the Coffee Landing — where owner Stephanie Heinle provided some cold-weather advice that’s bound to make public safety officials and the National Weather Service hot under the collar.

She doesn’t wear hats or gloves around town.

“If you’re used to wearing them when it’s only this temperature,” she said. “Then when you go snowmobiling or something where you really have windchill, you’re going to be really cold. I know it sounds crazy.”


She also said a little alcohol helps.

Reporter Adam Gabbatt said the weather was a boon for local taxi companies who had a steady stream of customers earlier this week — cyclists and runners who dropped out of the Arrowhead 135 because of the cold.