Lawsuit: The flag, racism, and the kids of Edina

Disrespect without accountability seems to be at the heart of a lawsuit the Young Conservatives Club of Edina High School has filed after some students refused to stand during taps at a Veterans Day observance at the school.

The group is claiming a First Amendment violation because the principal reportedly forced the club to shut down social media after the club members spoke out against the other students. They say they’re being required to support the school’s mission, which requires students to show respect to other students, even when peacefully protesting.

“He indicated the reason the club was disbanded was that they disrespected protesters,” Erick Kaardal, the attorney for the students, told a news conference yesterday. He frequently represents parties opposed to the government, according to a biography on his firm’s website.

He also admitted some of the feedback provided by club members was racial, KARE 11 says.

“I think the criticism was some of the students were immigrants. They should go back to their home countries,” Kaardal said.

Oh, Edina kids! This is the hill you want to die on? Racism Hill?

“I have been harassed. Called ignorant, felt demeaned by the fellow students. All for my conservative values. It seems like race and politics are woven throughout every aspect of Edina High School,” said Jazmine Edmond.

Step back. One invokes racism and then complains race is woven into every aspect of school?

The group says a video, purportedly from Edina’s Antifa, made them uncomfortable in calling them racist, City Pages said.

“We will not stop until every tentacle of your evil monstrosity is sliced off at the nerve,” a person in the video said.

“School policy allows students to disrespect military veterans and the United States flag, but will not tolerate those students who criticize the disrespectful behavior of the student protesters,” Kaardal said. “That’s a double standard.”

He also claimed the U.S. Flag Code, which sets the protocol for showing respect for the flag, overrides Edina High School policy allowing students to stay seated.

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