A gravestone war in Montevideo

Sandra Sue Albrecht, who died in July 2016, must be turning over in her grave over the way her headstone has split her family.

The West Central Tribune says a new headstone has appeared on her grave in Montevideo, Minn., apparently purchased and put there by her husband.

What happened to the old headstone?

Her husband and son apparently stole it last year, the paper says. It was found on his property.

Some of Sandra’s 11 children had purchased it and placed it there and want the one they purchased put back. They filed a civil suit against their father in November.

But the senior Albrecht, who’s on probation for taking the first gravestone, says his version of the gravestone is more fitting. And he tells the Tribune that his children can put their version of a gravestone on their own property.

The lawsuit from four of Sandra’s children also claims that when she died, her husband told the funeral home to bury her quickly and not tell her children of her death.

They found out about it and purchased a headstone for $1,566. They’re seeking $50,000 in damages for not being allowed to grieve the death of their mother.