Reporters on icebergs while DC tells Minnesota to ‘stuff’ our weather expertise

Long-time readers of NewsCut are probably aware of my lack of fondness for the practice of reporters covering floods by standing in the water.

But a TV station in Boston has doubled down while covering today’s big storm in the northeast: floating on ice, which, we are told in this tweet, is a sign of journalism excellence.

Just in: Ice floats. We’ve got team coverage.

That brought a scolding from the National Weather Service.

Meanwhile, down the highway in Washington, where it’s 25 degrees (wind chill:a brutal 10 degrees, if you must know), the Washington Post’s Monica Hesse has just about had it with us.

Hello! Good morning! Washington metropolitan area, you have woken and you are on your eighth day of being very cold. Which means, if you are originally from a place accustomed to lower temperatures — New Hampshire, say, or Ely, Minn. — you are on your eighth day of pompously explaining how you used to ice-pick your way to the office while riding the carcass of a frozen walrus.

And you know what? Just stuff it.

Which has brought a retort from the official spokespeople of the people of Minnesota: Indignant Minnesotan on Twitter.

Oh it’s on now between Minnesota and Washington over the weather, giving Minnesotans a reason to get up in the morning again.

(h/t: Jennifer Ehrlich)