Norway flag causes Confederate kerfuffle

This is not a Confederate flag.

This will likely not come as much of a surprise to the faithful Norwegians in our midst.

Puget Sound is another story.

A homeowner flew the Norwegian flag during the Olympics, the Seattle Times reports. And a neighbor complained he was flying the Confederate flag.

The complaint came from Rebecca Morris, who is an author of The New York Times best-seller true-crime books.

Skjerp deg!

She didn’t want to knock on the neighbor’s door and say, “what’s the deal with your Confederate flag?”

If she had, she’d have met Darold Norman Stangeland, whose parents emigrated from Norway in the ’50s.

Cute little story.

There were so many hateful comments on the Seattle Times website to it that the site shut down its comments section.

(h/t: Mike Worcester)