An NHL team’s secret weapon: an accountant from a ‘beer league’

For an accountant, Scott Foster leads a pretty exciting existence.

It’s the busy time of year for accountants, but Foster, who plays hockey in some “beer leagues”, he says, found time to play goalie last night for the Chicago Blackhawks.

He was a substitute goalie last night and could’ve played for either team.

But now he’s the most popular accountant in Chicago after being named the game’s #1 star.

It’s a quirk of the NHL that someone is always ready to be the emergency goalie — dubbed EBUGs — if both of a team’s goalies get hurt or are otherwise unavailable.

“Who would have thought?” he said. “You just keep grinding away in men’s league and eventually you get your shot.”

He doesn’t get paid for his effort, the Chicago Sun Times says. But he gets bragging rights at Johnny’s Ice House.