Sam Nunberg’s wild ride

It’s a fool who suggests s(he) has seen the depths of the political catastrophe that is the United States right now, but former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg‘s round of appearances on TV last night is going to be hard to beat.

When’s the last time, for example, the host of a national broadcast asked a guest if he was either “drunk or off your meds”?

“I’m not going to cooperate! Why do I have to spend 80 hours going over my emails that I’ve had with Steve Bannon and with Roger Stone?” Nunberg asked NBC News reporter Katy Tur on Monday afternoon after he received a subpoena.

By halfway through his media tour, Russian manipulation of U.S. democracy was less of an intriguing question — he backtracked — than what the heck was wrong with Sam Nunberg?

“It was clear Nunberg was under plenty of pressure,” the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake writes this morning. “That tends to be the case when you’ve got jail time hanging over your head for ignoring a subpoena.”

MSNBC’s Ari Melber got an earlier crack at Nunberg, the type of interview which, another MSNBC host later said, “we have never seen the likes of before in U.S. history.”

“Trump may have very well done something during the election with the Russians. If he did that, I don’t know. If he did that, it’s inexcusable if he did that,” Nunberg said at one point.

That’s an invitation to investigator Robert Mueller for a grand jury subpoena for all the records Nunberg is refusing to provide. Not much of a defense for someone who has staunchly defended the president until last evening.