Talk of restricting guns is good for the gun business

Restrictions on gun sales, announced by Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart, are pretty good news for gun dealers not named Dick’s Sporting Goods or Walmart.

“It’s unfortunate that Dick’s Sporting Goods is caving to the liberal media,” Ryan Casey, owner of Ryan’s Sport Shop in Durand, Wis., tells the Eau Claire Leader Telegram. “The more (media) continue to talk about it, the more it drives sales.”

He’ll gladly sell you what Dick’s and Walmart doesn’t want to.

“It’s good for us (small gun shops),” he says.

Talk of banning the AR-15, specifically, is good for business.

“AR-15s have sold well ever since any talk of a ban or restriction,” Sean Cantwell, owner of Tilden Gun, says.

That’s a somewhat different story, though, than the one told by Luke Weyers, manager of General Coin & Gun Exchange in Eau Claire.

“The AR-15 market is really dead right now,” Weyers tells the paper. “You research prices online right now, you’ll see prices are low, because people are struggling to get rid of them.”