A duct tape prom in Sioux Falls

Not that we needed a reminder that the world has changed since we mustered up the courage to ask a girl to the prom, but the Sioux Falls Argue Leader provides it anyway today with a look at what’s in fashion at the Roosevelt High School prom in the city.

Duct tape.

Brenten Bartels and Troian Loken are four months into their work on their prom outfits. So far, they’ve used 125 rolls of duct tape. They’re not quite done.

Loken, a freshman at a nearby school, tells the Argus Leader that she’s always been a fan of duct tape.

That might explain it, but the couple is also trying to win $10,000 from the makers of Duck Tape which required Bartels to make his suit out of the stuff, but the couple went big, creating a dress for Loken out of duct tape too.

Shoes, hats, glasses? All Duct Tape.

“It’s pretty cheap compared to the cost of renting a tux or buying a prom dress,” said Bartels, who would use his winnings to help pay for college. He figures he’s got $70 into his investment so far.

Duct tape can do anything. Love? We’ll see. The two didn’t know each other when Bartels started on his project. Loken heard about it from a family member and wanted in.

“I got to meet my date. If nothing else, I made a new friend,” said Brenten. “But it would be a great opportunity to pay for college.”