Augusta National cracks down on dumb things golf fans shout

Yelling “dilly dilly,” which apparently is a thing in golf now, will get you tossed out of The Masters golf tournament at Augusta National later this week.

Good. Can we get “get in the hole!” added to the list?

The report comes from a golf site’s editor, who says the golf course is cracking down on the advertising slogan made famous by a brewery known for it’s really bad beer.

It makes a lot of sense. Given the national TV audience and the silence as a player tees off, advertisers could easily pay some chump a few dollars to yell, “Tide Pods get your shirts spiffy white!” and avoid paying exorbitant advertising fees.

As Deadspin reports, golf fans are notoriously drunk vocal at tournaments these days. It doesn’t help that golfers are notoriously fragile things.

But the people who run Augusta are a particularly prickly outfit that once banned a broadcaster for describing the throng around a green as “a mob.”

But it still features the cheapest beer in all of sports.

(h/t: Paul Tosto)