Railroad workers bail on driver who wanted 5 minutes to pray

Sharmake Mohamed, of Moorhead, is looking for work. He’s afraid of the railroad workers he transported for a living because they, apparently, are afraid of him.

WDAY reports Mohamed was driving the BNSF workers from Dilworth, Minn., to Wisconsin when he pulled over near Brainerd to take five minutes to pray.

He says he got out of the SUV in Brainerd, prayed, and when he came back, one of his riders was upset.

“He asked me not to go anywhere, and I said, ‘I am supposed to do my job.'”

In the video, a man is heard saying, “I don’t trust you people.”

When Mohamed asks him why, the man says, “You have a history of killing people with vehicles.”

Mohamed said he was shocked by what the worker said next: “Look at 9/11.”

He says the railroad workers got out of his vehicle and waited for a different driver. His company told him to return to Moorhead.

Mohamed told WDAY he can’t work at the job anymore because the riders are too dangerous.