Canada comes face to face with its racism

Canada has been on a roll — PR wise — in recent years but an ugly incident at a Denny’s has proven there are no boundaries for racists.

Monir Omerzai was eating with some friends when a woman started ranting that they weren’t “real Canadians.”

Warning: It’s ugly.

Every culture and every human being should be respected it does not matter what color you are where you came from please share this video thank you

Posted by Monir Omerzai on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

“It doesn’t matter, we’re all Canadians,” Omerzai or one of his friends responds. “We’re all the same, you’re a human being, I’m a human being.”

Omerzai, a Canadian citizen, says the cops threw him, his friends, and the woman out.

“The food was there, we did not even grab our food, and the management was like ‘You guys have to grab your food, pay for it, and leave,” he tells the CBC. “I am not happy about the waitress, she was apologizing to the lady instead of coming to us and telling us … the management should have handled it better because he should have listened to our story.”

The video took off online this week and since then, he says he’s been the recipient of unimaginable kindness.

“Canada has been supportive of immigrants from all over the place. I think we should be proud of the way the Canadian government has been treating us and giving us all the opportunities. I am privileged to live in Canada,” he said.