Judge: ‘Hands tied’ in ordering boy to pay $36 million

A 15-year-old boy in Oregon is going to have to arrange a payment plan for restitution for his part in some vandalism last year.

He’s also going to have to do some community service, write apology letters to his victims, and be on probation for five years.

Nothing unusual here?

The juvenile started the Eagle Creek Fire in Oregon last year when he threw some fireworks.

A judge today said he owes $36 million.

Here’s how he down the amount, according to Oregon Live.

– Iris Schenk, whose Warrendale house burned down: $5,000
– Allstate Insurance: $8,111.44
– Oregon State Parks: $31,550.90
– Heuker Properties: $100,000
– Trail Club of Oregon: $168,000
– Union Pacific Railroad: $1,048,877.52
– Oregon State Fire Marshal: $1,643,035.38
– Oregon Department of Transportation: $12.5 million
– U.S. Forest Service: $21,113,755
– The court did not award restitution to Amanda Rosenkoetter and Anne Coxen, who requested $4,563.72 and $8,793.14.
— Source: Court records

The boy’s lawyer calls the amount “absurd” and is asking the court for a more reasonable amount.

The judge says his hands are tied.

“I know I will have to live with this bad decision for the rest of my life, but I have learned from this experience and will work hard to help rebuild the community in any way that I can,” the boy said. “I now realize how important it is to think before acting because my actions can have serious consequences.”

(h/t: Tracy Mumford)