America loves its incivility

It’s pretty unusual to see an opinion coming from the hallowed halls of NPR, so it’s a little surprising to see Scott Detrow, NPR’s congressional correspondent, conveying an opinion on the brouhaha over Sarah Huckabee being asked to leave a restaurant in Virginia the other day, even if he’s right.

That touched off the usual 24/7 cable news back-and-forth with the declarations of hurt feelings and moral high grounds.

Oh, please.

Take it, Detrow.

Politics is more theater than policy anymore and it’s what people eat up, even while insisting they want something they don’t really want.

People — at least the people who don’t know how to turn off the political news — want blood and the heads of their opponents.

Like this guy, showing his Minnesota Nice.

Or this woman…

This woman…


NPR’s Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep, too, is pointing out the uncivil misdeeds of politicians and their disciples, which, no doubt, will earn him scorn by those who believe the job of journalists is merely to repeat the ongoing hypocrisy rather than stand up to the theater of victimization.

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