It’s softbrawl season in the south

The athletic director in Kingsport, Tenn., wins the competition for understatement this week with this observation after a brawl broke out between parents watching their girls play softball.

“It’s a shame this had to happen,” Todd McLemore tells the Kingsport Times News.

The two teams playing were from North Carolina. It started when a group of parents got on an umpire for calls they thought favored the competition. So the parents from the other team took it upon themselves to be the police.

Here’s the original video on Facebook.

Kingsport TN MMA, wait a minute I mean softball

Posted by Bryan Sayers on Saturday, June 16, 2018

When the real cops showed up, everyone dummied up. Nobody claimed to be a victim. Nobody needed medical attention. Nobody saw anything except the spectator who posted the mess to Facebook.

USA Softball kicked both teams out of the tournament as well as future tournaments.

The players are in a 12-and-under softball league.

Not surprisingly, the comments section of the newspaper’s story on the brawl became a fight over President Trump.