Brewers pitcher bitten by his own words

I had my fill of entertainment before the All-Star Game ended last night (nothing can beat a mic’d-up Frankie Lindor) and went to bed, so I missed the number one story coming out of it: one of the players has been exposed as a racist and homophobe.

Also, Twitter is quite often a more influential medium than television.

Both of those are bad for Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader who gave up a go-ahead home run during his All-Star Game appearance, and that wasn’t even the worst part of his night.

The circulation of this old tweet of his was.

And this one:

What was impressive was not only how quickly the tweets raced around the internet, but how quickly they raced around the stadium where the game was being played.

By the end of the game, the Brewers’ pitcher had made his Twitter account private and was ready to address how they were made in the first place.

He was just 17.

That explanation later fell flat when a 2016 tweet criticizing protests about the Trayvon Martin killing surfaced.

So today, Major League Baseball sent him to diversity training.

“Those of us that have come to know Josh do not believe that these posts are representative of his beliefs. He has been a good teammate and contributor to the team in every way,” the Brewers general manager said in a statement Wednesday.

Presumably, other baseball players are spending their All-Star break deleting old tweets.