Store manager is fired for not giving time off to woman with son on life support

A Michigan mother is providing plenty of reason why workers need some protections when dealing with family emergencies.

Crystal Reynolds Fisher, of Albion, Mich., let her convenience store manager know she wouldn’t be able to work the other day. Her son was in the hospital for reasons that have not yet been made clear.

The manager was having none of it, so Fisher posted her text exchange on Facebook on Saturday.

So my son is on life support and I tell my boss 48 hours before I am to work again that I will not be able to work until my son is off life support and this is what she tells me!

Posted by Crystal Reynolds Fisher on Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fisher said she gave her boss 48 hours notice of her inability to work, according to Michigan Live.

The manager said she would consider Fisher had quit.

“Would u be able to go to work and function if ur child was on life support?” Reynolds Fisher wrote.

Her boss said: “Yes I would, I still have bills to pay and something to keep me busy and occupied. We don’t just get to come and go as we please at Folk Oil. I have tomorrow and Monday covered. Your son is in the best place he can be. I have to a store to run and that’s my focus.”

Not anymore. The manager has been fired.

We’d like to follow up on the issue brought to our attention recently regarding how an employee time off request was…

Posted by PS Food Mart on Monday, July 2, 2018