A country rallies around Esther the Wonder Pig

Human kindness to one another is nice and all but what really sets a human heart atwitter is a good animal in need.

How else can we explain the story of Esther the Wonder Pig, whose illness prompted people in Canada to raise $650,000 so that a CT scanner big enough to fit the pig could be purchased. One wasn’t available in Canada.

A lot of people would just give up when told their pet had woes and a lot of people would keep their money in their pocket and move along.

But there’s just something about a sick pig, eh, Canada?

As the CBC tells it, this all started when Esther stopped during a walk, her snout turned purple and she basically collapsed.

A vet figured it was related to some porcine bone and muscle problems and prescribed some medication but owners Jenkins and Derek Walter, of Campbellville, Ont., wanted something a little more definitive — the kind of answers a CT scanner can provide.

Problem: There was no CT scanner in all of Canada that can fit a pig.

Solution: People who like pigs.

$650,000 later, the pig-sized scanner made its debut last week with Esther inside.

It revealed she has cancer.

Everything happens for a reason. If OVC had the scanner last fall, I probably wouldn’t have been put on long term…

Posted by Esther the Wonder Pig on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Esther will have surgery for breast cancer a week from Monday.