Dress code changed because ‘girls ruin everything,’ athletic director says

Jared Hensley may have been unqualified for a career in theology, so he ended up as an athletic director at a Tennessee high school, which also appears to be on thin ice now.

Hensley has been placed on leave from Soddy-Daisy High School for molding the young minds of Tennessee with the notion that girls ruin everything. He was explaining why athletic shorts are no longer acceptable under the dress code.

“It’ll be that way until the end of time; get used to it,” he said.

“The fact that they’re coming from an educator is bad enough, but the fact that they’re coming from a man in a position of power is even worse. These remarks are blatantly sexist and misogynistic,” Natalie Green, the mother of a student, tells the Chattanooga Times Free Press. “And do nothing but perpetuate victim-blaming and reinforce the rape culture that is so insidiously ingrained in our society.”

The school superintendent said the remarks are inexcusable.

“I’m having a real hard time getting upset about this,” countered school board member Rhonda Thurman. “I’m not worried about that right now. He meant absolutely no harm by this. This is so ridiculous. Can nobody take a joke anymore? He was just talking to the kids in their language and trying to be funny.”

“While distasteful, it doesn’t give a glimpse into the man he actually is,” a student said.

For the record, Adam & Eve was not the beginning of time.

(h/t: Deadspin)