Minnesota Wild to female fans: Your big purse is now a problem

Why don’t more women go to sporting events?

Why would you want to run the gauntlet that women have to run to get into an arena?

The Minnesota Wild on Tuesday became the latest sports franchise to double-down on security measures, announcing a new policy that will hit women hardest.

It’s important to note that most mass shootings are carried out by men, but whatever. Women are going to have to leave the handbags home under the new security measures going into place on Sept. 20, when the Wild play the Dallas Stars in a preseason game.

The new regulations are somewhat similar to the NFL’s. No handbags that aren’t clear. Clutches are still acceptable as long as they don’t have straps. Bring everything in a one-gallon baggie if you want to.

The new measures are designed to speed up the lines going through security at Xcel Energy Center.

You know who’s mostly responsible for those lines? Men.

Spend any time at all watching fans passing through metal detectors at sports events and you’ll see plenty of men holding things up because they didn’t take cellphones, keys, wallets, smokeless tobacco tins, nail clippers, and small knives out of their pockets. Why go through metal detectors just once when you can go through three or four times, remembering what you didn’t take out of your pocket each time? Hey, maybe, ban cargo shorts, NHL.

Women? All of their stuff is in a bag. Easy.

Under the new rules, if women show up with a purse that’s not clear, they’ll be told to take it back to the car, a system that might work great if everyone comes in a car.