Music bonds parents and kids at this high school

Behold — again — the power of the arts!

In Frisco, Texas a wise music teacher — as if there’s any other kind — has found the perfect way to keep parents and her students on the same page: an orchestra of parents.

Once a week, parents gather in the local high school’s orchestra room after their day jobs, and try to learn how to play the instruments their kids are playing at school, the Dallas Morning News says.

The kids often stop by to help. With the children becoming the teachers to their parents, it’s hard not to see it as a preview of coming attractions — when the young take care of the old.

But for now, it’s about the music, and generational unity.

Victoria Lien, 25, the music teacher, is the genius behind the idea.

“My whole reason for doing this is to connect the parents together to help fully make a community for them, as well as help them connect with their students,” she said.

She had hoped she’d get 10 parents to participate. The parent orchestra is up to 30 now.

“We didn’t expect music would enter our lives like this,” parent Aparna Viswanathan said.