‘Enemy of the people?’ A rebuttal from the scene of a massacre

Having patted himself on the back (according to White House sources) for keeping a civil tongue during the days of services for former President George H. W. Bush this week, President Trump returned to the security blanket of Twitter late Thursday.

Look, we’re under no illusion that what follows is going to blunt the president’s call to the country’s psychopathic underbelly. By now, in a nation mostly incapable of critical thinking, the poison is in the national bloodstream.

But Joshua McKerrow, a photojournalist for the Capital Gazette, where a gunman slaughtered members of the staff this year, provided something with which the people of the United States have increasingly become unfamiliar: reality.

The Washington Post said it’s not clear what set the president off this time. It noted that it came after the CNN offices in New York were cleared after another bomb threat.

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