Here’s a video of a Minnesota driver doing Minnesota driver things

There’s so much packed into this video released this afternoon by the Minnesota State Patrol that we hardly know where to start.

It’s raining in parts of Minnesota. Combine that with plunging temperatures and roads could turn into skating rinks. That means SLOW DOWN. You don’t want to be the person in this video.

Posted by Minnesota State Patrol on Thursday, December 27, 2018

First, there’s the obvious lack of talent in driving in slippery conditions. Second, who passes a State Patrol vehicle on the highway? We assume this was from the dash of a patrol car since it’s clear the trooper slowed down to see if things were OK. [Update: State Patrol confirms it was a dashcam]

Third, the minivan driver had no such interest. Fourth, the minivan driver learned nothing from the lesson taught to the truck driver.

Comments attached to any bad driving videos are always good reading. So, read away!

Unless you’re driving, of course.