Obamas are 2018’s most admired

People change. Politics changes. Times change. But the one thing that seldom changes is the annual Gallup poll of most admired people.

That changed this year somewhat. Hillary Clinton is out as the most admired woman after a 17-year run. In her place: Michelle Obama. Her husband, who now goes by “Michelle Obama’s husband” has the top spot for men, just as he has for the last 11 years.

Michelle Obama’s husband is closing in on Dwight Eisenhower’s record for longevity in first place, Gallup says.

Two long-time names dropped off the list this year: John McCain and Billy Graham. They both died, of course.

Failing to get any votes this year after scoring some last year: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Princess Kate, Beyonce, Jane Goodall, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Jeff Bezos.