Party buses ruin Christmas light shows

A family that produces a Christmas light show on their Chaska cul-de-sac, is threatening to pull the plug unless party buses stay away.

The latest straw for SnoMutt Lights came Saturday night when the bus full of drinkers pulled up, held its own light show, and caused a ruckus.

After reviewing our video from last night we have made the decision to ban party buses. Their behavior was rude and obnoxious and our circle is too small for them anyway. If anyone recognizes this bus please let us know. Going forward if we see one enter our neighborhood I will stop the show until they leave and forward our surveillance video to the authorities. Thank you, SnoMutt Lights.

The buses can’t actually ban the vehicles; it’s a public street. But SnoMutt says it will shut the lights off when the buses show up.