Right on schedule, people are driving into open water on MN lakes

And we’re off! Welcome to another season of people driving on thin ice and falling through.

In northwestern Minnesota, Alexandria and Douglas County have raced off to the early lead with two incidents over the weekend.

On Lake Geneva on Sunday, Greg Carlson of Alexandria was towing his ice house with his ATV over 8 inches of ice when he got to a spot that didn’t have eight inches of ice. Carlson was able to get out of the water, off the ice, and call the authorities, the Alexandria Echo Press says.

Carlson contacted a private company for removal. Neighbors said the ice only recently formed.

On Friday, two fishermen fell through the ice on Lake Oscar when they were riding on their ATV. They were also able to pull themselves of the water.

Not surprisingly, the authorities are using the occasions to remind people to be careful at this time of year. Also not surprisingly, a lot of people won’t listen.

(h/t: Jay Sieling)