Wedding relocates to Target to shop for ‘Toys for Tots’

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness:

Brad and Jessica Bond, of Homestead, Fla., spent their first date seven years ago shopping at Target to buy toys for Toys for Tots.

Every year on the anniversary of their first date, they go shopping for toys for kids.

“We’ll start shopping clearance toys, usually around September-October, and we just stockpile them in our garage,” Brad told WFTV.

They got married on Saturday. Each of the 100 guests got an envelope with a $10 Target gift certificate and an instruction: go buy toys for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have any this Christmas.

So everyone did.

Brad wasn’t sure how the idea would go over when he pitched it to Jessica.

“I asked her, and she immediately lit up and was all about it,” Brad said. “And if I didn’t know I had the woman of my dreams before, that cemented it.”