Target Field’s Gate 34 makeover

The Minnesota Twins Thursday officially unveiled the look of the new Gate 34 at Target Field, the busiest entrance at the stadium. It’s no fun in blazing heat to be the person taking tickets or the fan waiting in line at the only entrance without shade.

The Twins are moving the Gold Glove statue out of its location next to Ramp B, pushing the gate out onto what was once a plaza, and providing protection from the elements.

Gone will be the planters (Did you know they were exactly the dimensions of a pitching mound?) and the trellises that looked like baseball bats. The Gold Glove, where people take pictures, will be moved into a sunken area of the plaza.

The grass inside Gate 34, which we presume will be artificial turf, is a nice touch and could allow whiffle ball games with little kids. In fact, much of the space seems designed to move features — playground, autographs etc., down from Section 230 in left field to the gate area.

Compare. The old plaza wasn’t particularly interesting.

Construction is already underway. The Twins open the season on March 28, against the Cleveland Indians, who have become an entirely beatable team in the off-season.