Minnesota tough: Photographer caught in dog v. longhorn kerfuffle

If you’ve spent any time online in the last day or so, you probably haven’t missed the bovine drama of athletic competition when the mascot of the University of Texas — a longhorn — ran roughshod over photographers who, for reasons not yet explained, were overly enthralled by a dog, in this case the mascot of the University of Georgia at the Sugar Bowl.

That guy getting a horn to the backside? He’s one of us, the Fargo Forum reports.

Nick Wagner, the pride of Ada, Minn., works for the Austin American-Stateman now after a career in flyover country.

“If the handlers weren’t able to get a hold of his left horn, I don’t know what how it would’ve ended,” Wagner tells the Forum. “He was ready to go.”

He got some scrapes on his backside but is otherwise cleared for a return to the active roster.