Dogs get the boot from Rosedale

There are really only two kinds of dog owners: humans and pigs.

A walk — any walk — reveals this fact with the number of dog droppings that weren’t picked up. How hard can this be?

So we can forgive Rosedale Center for kicking dogs — or more accurately: their owners — out.

The Star Tribune says too many dog owners weren’t cleaning up after their dogs when they took a leak.

The mall tried pushing the Sunday morning “dog time” from 9-11 a.m. to 8-10 a.m. to give the mall’s maintenance staff more time to clean up, but it didn’t work.

And some regular shoppers complained that they’re allergic to dogs.

According to commenters, people were also running their dogs in the mall.

It’s true that not all dogs owners fell into the “pig” category. But enough of them didn’t call out the behavior of the miscreants.

Who’s not at fault here? Dogs. They’re just dogs.